Dedicated to assisting smart homeowners like you build your dream home with less stress.

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Construction Management Specialists

From hiring your team to developing your budget and managing it effectively, we offer custom home building and remodeling solutions.

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The Best Solution to Build or Remodel the Perfect Home Without Making Costly Mistakes

We have seen quite a few projects over the years, including various solutions by a variety of architects, designers, and contractors.

Of course, you are likely tuned in to the unlimited number of professionals and resources available on the internet, but how would you know which of these are best suited to your particular project and unique challenges? You wouldn’t. You would likely rely on the information provided on the web, maybe a referral, and then trust your instinct. 

We bring a broad range of residential experience to your project, with an extensive network of specialists for any scenario.

Our team is passionate about helping homeowners remodel their homes without hitting overwhelm. Every client and every project is different. We offer a range of services and informative tools to meet you where you are. 

Learn How to Work Together

Why Custom Home Remodeling? 

For us, there is only custom home remodeling. Your home is unique, and to make it fit your function and style, it has to be done correctly. Do it right or don't do it at all.

That said, it is usually a substantial effort to get the design right, budget aligned, and find the right contractor that can deliver on the quality and details in a reliable way. If these things are important to you, you would be wise to invest in some professional project planning.

We support you in defining your scope of work, creating your first planning budget, and hiring the right team for your project. These first steps are the foundation of a successful project.

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These early decisions will set the tone for the rest of your project.

Of course, you may instinctively know this, otherwise you would not have searched on Google for something with 'remodeling help' and you would not have reached us. And now you have a question, request, or both. Maybe a small question, maybe a big one. Let's get started.

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Let's Work Together

Whether you need our Full-Service Owner's Representation and management services or our Professional Project Planning service, our team is prepared to meet you where you are, then roll up our sleeves and make progress. 

A Few of Our Most Typical Requests

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I want an expert in my corner.

You’re smart enough to know that you don’t know everything and want support making sure that you’re not inadvertently missing something, that will ultimately cost time and money. You’re looking to have someone in your corner to review things, bounce ideas, or simply confirming you’re not missing something. This is paramount to making decisions with confidence and keeping things moving. There will be many (many!) decisions along the way and having an expert in your corner will make the process more gratifying. 

See Full Service Owner's Representation services.

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I need help planning and organizing my project.

We have a system for organizing your project goals and priorities, then developing a budget and hiring strategy to get you started on solid ground.  We create a project game plan and help you to group and sequence projects in a way that makes sense for your life and budget.  We have a broad network of talented professionals to help hire your best team. We offer contract review and support for up to a year from our kick-off.   

See our Professional Project Planning Service.

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I want to know what to expect from start to finish.

Learn what goes into a project from inspiration, planning, hiring, design, budgeting, pre-construction (contracts), and construction.   It's organized into five sections for ease of reference, complete with key terms, resources and tools to help wherever you are in the process. This your complete companion guide for what to expect at all stages of a project. 

Check out The Owner's Guide.

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I need help developing my budget and keeping on track.

We have a process for starting with the basics of all project costs and then detail and validate along the way. Our budget templates are easy to follow and visually track costs that are known or unknown, allowing you to know the status of your budget and productively work with your team.

Check out our Budget Tools.

How to Work With Us 

Every client and every project is different. We offer a range of services and informative tools to meet you where you are. 

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Our Full Service Owner's Representation is designed for highly custom projects that require an expert construction manager. Our Full Service offer can be engaged at any point in a project's duration.  

This is My Project
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Good, quality planning is our passion. Our Planning Service is designed to be engaged at the inception of value-driven projects that require a strong start in order to avoid costly mistakes and optimize for value. 

Let's Get Planning
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The ultimate project management companion: a 5 part instructional guide to support you in building or remodeling your dream home, start to finish. Made for the curious homeowner who wants to #win at managing their own project. 

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Stop budget guessing. Understand the status of design as it relates to the construction contract and risks for cost increase. Our tools will help you put together a budget informed by actual cost. 

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