Budget + Cost Tools 

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Signal Pricing

Understand the status of design as it relates to the construction contract and risks for cost increase.


Construction Cost

Stop budget guessing. Understand construction cost drivers. Use our low-medium-high cost guide to plan like a #boss.


Finishes Cost

Understand low, medium, and high costs for the finishes on your project.  


The Owner's Guide 

The ultimate DIY guide: a five part program to support you in building your dream home, start to finish.

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The Owner's Guide 

The Most Comprehensive Planning, Design, and Construction Companion.

Are you wondering where to start with the remodeling process now that you bought the house? Or perhaps you simply want to remake your kitchen or bathroom within a reasonable budget, but you're already feeling overwhelmed. What's worse, both the architect and designer keep giving you conflicting information which makes you wonder:

  • Where should I start?
  • Which advice should I trust?
  • Do I need to do the entire remodeling at once, or do I break it down into chunks?
  • How do I allocate my budget correctly?
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The JRH Edit | By Jenny Rios

Your dose of inspiration, education, and real talk about custom home building.

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Jenny Discusses Dos & Don'ts of Project Planning | Interview with Ruth Krishnan jenny tips project planning May 24, 2021

Project Planning is at the core of a healthy project. Setting up your project for success is best done through careful, diligent planning. In this...

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