A California native, I was born to help. As a child I was fascinated with the older kids, somehow in a hurry to grow up and learn fast. I mirrored my mother, the arranger and organizer of all manner of philanthropic events, groups and missions. Always planning for the future, I enjoyed all tasks that brought order to my surroundings. I seemed obsessed with doing what was right from an early age. From my father, I picked up the importance of hard work. At thirteen, I started a babysitting business. I adored the kids, the responsibility and most of all, helping mothers. It was this business that allowed me to save money to travel to Europe at that early age. Much later in Europe, with wide eyes and open heart, I fell in love with Architecture. The kind of architecture that changes the way people engage with each other. The kind of architecture that inspires us to be the best version of our Self. I knew I would never be bored. There was so much learn.  Fast forward through the grueling sixteen years of study, practice and tests, my natural talent for managing projects big and small was satisfying the whole me. When I moved from architecture to construction management, I was presented with an opportunity to write a master plan for a school district. From pre-planning to planning to design, bid and construction of five new state-of-the-art schools, it was roughly nine years. This body of work was the most meaningful to me because it brought my talent for organization and design vision together, while allowing me to learn and give throughout the process. In 2012 I broke my leg, which forced me to sit still. I reflected on my life and career. I decided I wanted to contribute my talents closer to home, in San Francisco where I live.  I wanted to understand the work and teams required to build residential projects. I went to work for a builder. I invested in building teams and brought order to the business side of things. Now, instead of choosing a specific area of practice, I will offer a unique offering of management consultation and complete project-based assignments.